Finca La Puebla is located in southern Costa Rica about 5 miles from San Isidro de El General at an elevation of about 2700 ft. Pacific beaches are 20 miles to the southwest and Cerro Chirripo, the highest peak in the Talamanca mountain range 10 miles northeast.

The climate is warm and humid without the stifling heat of the coast or the damp chill of the mountains. There are two seasons in this part of Costa Rica. Dry Season (December to mid April) with very little rain and Rainy Season (Mid-April – Nov) with rain in the afternoon and sun most mornings. Temperatures year around are generally between 65 degrees F at night and 85 degrees F during the heat of the day.

The farm has dramatically changed over the past decade and a half. The coffee is growing in the shade of fruit, nut, wood and nitrogen fixing trees and is inter-planted with chocolate, black pepper and root crops. There is a large garden with a wide variety of fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices growing all year long. The more tender greens are growing under plastic cover for protection from heavy rains. There is a processing area and solar drying shed for the coffee, chocolate, bananas and fruit bars.

The areas along the river and in the hills behind have been left to regenerate naturally and a large area in the central part of the farm is forested with native shrubs and trees and slow growing hardwoods. The areas around the house and cabins are more carefully landscaped with grassy areas punctuated with ornamental shrubs and fruit trees. We also have a small rock lined, spring fed swimming pool – wonderful for cooling off after a morning’s work. Trails wind throughout the farm providing easy access and additional opportunities to enjoy the beauty of the natural flora and fauna.

The last 20 years of organic farming practices and a chemical free environment have allowed the lovely Blue Morpho butterfly to flourish at our farm. We have regenerated the jungle canopy and allow some fruit to fall to the floor of the jungle to provide food stock for these lovely creatures. They seem a positive barometer of our practices.