“Volunteering at Finca Puebla was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Frank Thompson was always a pleasure to be taught by and to spend time with. Working in his beautiful forest gardens with the vegetables, coffee and banana trees as well as the many other friuts was the most enjoyable work I have ever done. Frank involved us in the whole process of producing coffee and other foods, helping us develop a good understanding. The cabinas are in the idylic environment of the forest garden and a perfect spot to see the dozens of brightly coloured tropical birds which frequent bird tables stacked with excess bananas. After good work finishes at 12:00 or 13:00 you are free to explore or relax. There is a beautiful river at the bottom of the land and the foot of Chirripo is only an hour away. Be ready to work hard, learn a great deal and have a wonderful time.”

Daniel H.


“Finca La Puebla was the most beautifully established permaculture farm we had visited during our 2 month stay in Costa Rica. We had been to 5 other farms before that. Not only were there beautiful fruiting trees bearing many fruits but the soil was so loamy deep dark and rich with life. We had only discovered this farm at the end of our stay and only spent one week there. But if we were to return we would love to stay at this farm the longest.”

“We are Organic farmers ourselves whom have been trying to achieve the same kind of soil on our own farm. Frank should be proud of all the years of building that soil, it is prized soil by any farmer anywhere. There is much to learn at Finca La Puebla, such as coffee processing and cultivating any tropical fruit and flower you can imagine, not to mention all the divine recipes that he created from the ornate foods that grow on the land. Frank’s coffee was simply the best I had ever tasted, wish I could import it. It is even superior to the best kona coffee we has sipped during our 9 months stay in Hawaii. I could go on about his delightful roselle jam, tasty bananas, cacao trees full of chocolate beans, custard fruits and clear pools of mountain spring water running through the land. But the feeling alone was worth the visit. To be embraced by the magical jungle that surrounded the land. The symphony of purring insects and birds that put us to sleep at night Being on this farm was truly the experience I was hoping to have during our visit to Costa Rica. What Frank had created in 10+ years, is what most of us farmers aspire to achieve in a lifetime of work. He should be commended for all the hard work he had dedicated to the earth and for supporting so many lives that depend on clean eco systems that this bio diverse farm contains. The accommodations were wonderful as well, we stayed in a private casita where we had regular visits from the most beautiful birds I had ever seen. We hope to return to this magical wonderland someday and wish you will enjoy the experience as much as we have.”

Jocelyn H.


“My companion and I spent nearly two months living, working, and playing at Finca La Puebla. It was an unparalleled experience; from growing and eating from a spectacular garden, living in a serene cabina amongst the colorful tropical flora and fauna, soaking in the spring fed pool in the heat of theday, to meeting amazing people, roasting coffee, and reveling in the local culture. More importantly, it allowed us to purify ourselves of the usual distractions we have become so accustomed to and dependent on up in the States. Frank (and Jan) made us feel most welcome and provided a leisurely, fun atmosphere, complete with many hearty and thoughtful discussions over shared meals and trips to the local farmers market. So grateful to have had this opportunity! I think of the days on the farm fondly and frequently.”

“I could ramble on and on about the details and many memories (please see a few of my Costa Rica photos on facebook). Ryan and I hope to come back someday to visit. We have been working in Ventura, California most recently, but will be headed to South Dakota in a month so I can begin graduate school (studying conservation science). I will undoubtedly be daydreaming about the farm and Costa Rica in general while I toil away over my studies. Hopefully, the effort will be worth it and I can come out pursuing the causes that we are mutually passionate about.”

Ester B.


“I have just returned from a month in Costa Rica. Not the guided, prettified, sanitized Costa Rica most people find, but an experience of Costa Rica more profoundly moving for being a little grittier, a little, “behind the scenes.”

“In March my partner Peter and I found ourselves in San Isidro’s huge farmers’ market, the Feria, looking to meet up with our host Frank Thompson. Our meeting signaled four weeks of fun, chores, exchange of thoughts and ideas and sharing of experiences and friends.”

“Frank maintains a rural farm and retreat from which he harvests organically grown and wild harvested food with the help of Ronnie and Christien, two local men and those folk who come as guests and volunteers. While there is a definite framework to a volunteer visit, each person’s itinerary is catered to both the wants and likes of the guest as well as what actually needs to be done. Somehow, rambling chats, bird identifications and sharing of gardening lore all mixed with bed-clearing, weeding andending with a dip in the rustic pool, had the days flying by.”

“Rather than repeat the brochure. Let me say that Frank Thompson’s warm hospitality and insightful observations about the way of life in Costa Rica helped us decide to make our move to this beautiful country.”

“We found here in rural Costa Rica, the real currency is not colones, but freely exchanged kindnesses and we know we have come away both enriched and indebted. We look forward, on our return, to continued commerce.”

Wynn M., April, 2012